"Despite advances in veterinary medicine and animal husbandry, pathogenic microbes are now, and will continue to be, the most significant cause of animal disease and economic loss to the U.S. food animal agricultural community. The combination of CEVR research expertise and collaborative approach to problem solving uniquely positions CEVR to contribute to the development of vaccines to protect against current pathogens and those that may threaten in the future." - Steven J. Geary, Ph. D., Director, Center of Excellence for Vaccine Research

Mission Statement:

The elucidation of the mechanisms of pathogenesis of, and immune responses to, primary bacterial and viral pathogens with the goal of developing safe and effective vaccines.

Current Openings:

CEVR does not have any available positions open at this time.

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Professor Steven J. Geary, Director
University of Connecticut
Center of Excellence for Vaccine Research
Phone: (860) 486-8098
Fax: (860) 486-2794
E-Mail: steven.geary@uconn.edu